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Child and Pet Safe Window Treatments

Child and pet safe window treatments for your home near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ)

If you have children or pets, or even both, keeping them happy, healthy, and safe is probably one of your top priorities, especially nowadays. You always want to make sure your house is a safe space for your pets and kids, so it’s important to be aware of any possible hazards. Some of the most common hazard warnings on household items are for choking or strangulation. While products with these warnings are functional and well-designed for their purpose, they can pose a risk for very young children and pets who do not know to be cautious. When it comes to window treatments, certain styles with cords and cables can pose a small hazard when in reach of young kids or pets. With automated operating systems with window treatments from Sunbeam Window and Door Co, you can rest assured that your children and pets are safe.

When it comes to keeping your pets and kids safe around your window treatments, cordless options are your best friend. Most styles of Hunter Douglas window treatments are available with several different types of operating systems, some manual and some automated. Knowing your options can help you determine which is best for you while keeping your children safe.

The Ultraglide® operating system still uses the familiar cord or wand, but the wand or cord always remains a constant length no matter whether you are raising or lowering your shades. This means that there are no long cords hanging down within the reach of your pets or kids. If your windows are away from furniture and other household items, then your kids and pets are out of reach of any potential danger with the Ultraglide system.

Literise® is another manual system, but this one doesn’t use cords or cables. Instead, your hand provides the guidance for how your window treatments should move. To raise your shades, you simply push up. Thus, to lower them, you pull down. SimpleLift™ is a similar system that uses the same motions paired with a contoured bottom rail. These types of operating systems are especially well-suited for honeycomb shades. The folding of honeycomb or cellular shades often resembles an accordion. That means that the push up/pull down movement feels natural with these types of shades.

Finally, the safest operating system might be PowerView® Automation. This operating system is also cord-free, but instead of controlling your shades or blinds at each window, you can just use a remote control or mobile device. Since children often follow our examples, they may be less likely to even venture to the window treatments if you don’t have to manually make adjustments. Even if they do, the automated system means there are no dangling cables. With the PowerView app, you can create a schedule for your window treatments, allowing them to automatically open and close at certain times. This is perfect for busy parents who want to take advantage of every second.

To keep your pets and kids safe from any hazards posed by your window treatments, contact Sunbeam Window and Door Co today. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through your options and will be with you from design choices to installation. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, we serve the surrounding area including Cherry Hill and Maple Shade, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.