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Creating an Escape from the Summer Heat

Creating an Escape from Summer Heat with Retractable or Aluminum Awnings near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ)

The late summer months can be intense. The temperatures increase, sunny days seem scorching, and the humidity can fluctuate. When you spend a lot of time outside, this is the point in the season where you might find yourself often retreating to the shade. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a yard full of trees or a built-in sunroom, you might find it difficult to retreat to the shade at your own home. With a retractable awning from SunBeam Window and Door Co, you can bask in the spring sun while creating an escape from the summer heat.

Creating an escape from the summer heat becomes simpler than ever when you add an awning. No matter which style you prefer, adding an awning for your home can help create a backyard space that you can enhance for any kind of family activity. With the shady space created by an awning, you can put together some outdoor seating for a lounge. You can then deck out your outdoor space with an outdoor grill, a pool, or backyard games.

There are a few different types of awnings to help in creating an escape from the summer heat. For those who like balancing functionality with style, aluminum awnings offer both. This type is durable and affordable, and the benefits are numerous. Not only can they provide an outdoor retreat, but they can also keep your home cooler when your windows fall underneath the awning. They’re available in an array of styles and colors so you can find the right fit for your home. Fabric awnings are also great for outdoor use. With over 200 fabric options, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. The materials used for fabric awnings are treated to prevent fading, weather damage, and unraveling.

The third style can provide the most flexibility when you’re creating an escape from the summer heat. Some people love basking in some bright sunlight when it’s cooler out in early to mid-spring. But when it’s hot and extra bright out, even these people need a retreat. However, if you have a small yard, it might be difficult to do both if you have a fixed awning. With a manual or an electric retractable awning, you can create a shaded space when you need it.

Even if you have a sunroom to retreat to in the summer heat, managing the light in the space is essential for comfort, energy efficiency, and protecting your furniture. When your awning extends over your windows, you can enjoy the benefits of a cooler space. However, if your sunroom’s location means an awning isn’t an option, you can control light and protect your belongings from the sun’s harmful rays with solar screen shades. Depending on the opacity of these window treatments, solar shades can help block ultraviolet rays.

If you’ve had enough of the hot and muggy weather, contact SunBeam Window and Door Co for help creating your escape from the summer heat. We are located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, and serve the Pennsauken Township as well as the surrounding area, including Cherry Hill and Maple Shade.