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Customize Your Home with Design Consultations

When we start building our lives, we look for our ideal situations. We want the right friends and partner, a job we can be passionate about, and a space we feel comfortable in. When it comes to that space, we search for the perfect home. Even if you are starting from scratch, though, you may have to put in a little work to make your home just right for you. However, you might not do all that work alone. If you aren’t experienced with home repair and construction, you probably will hire someone who knows how to take your ideas and properly execute them. For example, you might want an open concept. The contractor will take care of the logistics to give you the desired outcome safely. The same goes for interior design. If you know what pieces you like and how you want your home to feel, an interior designer with Sunbeam Window & Door Co can help you piece together your perfect space.

Customize Your Home with Design Consultations near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ) like Shutters for Living Rooms

First, choosing a color palette can be difficult. Most people have a favorite color, but using that as your guide for home design might not give you the results you want. If purple is your favorite color, you might be inclined to paint a room in a rich, deep purple. However, once on the wall, you’ll probably find that the color is intense and darkens the space. On the other hand, a designer might help you select a more neutral wall color and help place purple accents throughout your home. Interior designers can also help you find complementary colors and assist with creating balance.

An interior designer can also help balance your space by providing input on furniture placement and recommendations for pieces you may want to purchase. Sometimes during a move, furniture is haphazardly placed with the ultimate goal of getting each piece in place. We often try to plan for functionality and individual preference, but as individuals with attachments to our belongings, it can be difficult to see the big picture. An interior designer can help consider your floorplan, lifestyle, and furniture to help place pieces for function and aesthetics. They might also be able to recommend changes you may want to make. If you feel that your living room seems small and cramped, a designer could identify furniture options that will function well while improving the feel of your space.

At Sunbeam Window & Door Co, our designers can also walk you through the design and fabrication of custom window coverings. This is a piece that sometimes gets missed. If your home had blinds or shades installed when you moved in, you might have added curtains or left the window coverings in place. However, there are many more options available. From window panels to plantation shutters, you window treatments can enhance your interior design while still serving their purpose.

With our full line of interior design services, Sunbeam Window & Door Co can help you create your own personal style. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, we proudly serve Pennsauken County and the surrounding areas in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Whether you need help with a small project or a whole-home redesign, contact us today, and we’ll get you started!