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Enjoy Your View with New Patio Doors

If you love the outdoors, chances are you’ve dreamt of homes where natural light and views of the outside are a significant feature. As you got older and planned for your first home, you probably added picture windows, sunrooms, or patios to your wish list. However, the patio doors might be the one area you forgot about. While a patio gives you great access to the outside while keeping you close to modern convenience, the doors to that patio offer similar opportunities as a picture window. Whether you want more of a hidden feature with French doors or you want unobstructed views with sliding glass doors, SunBeam Window and Door Co can help you enjoy your view with the right doors and window treatments.

Enjoy Your View with New Patio Doors near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ) with Luminette Privacy Sheers

For traditionalists and those who love classic, timeless styles, older door options are preferred even for access to the patio. What distinguishes the style of a patio door is typically how it opens; the doors are on a track and slide to open. However, hinged styles can make your patio seem like a hidden, elegant treasure to discover. This elegance is usually achieved with hinged French doors, which are known as a pair of doors the feature glass panes for most of the door’s length. Often, these doors are finished with a light, bright color or texture for a modern, open feel. With a hinged style, you can enjoy the dramatic feel of opening both doors as the breeze from outside enters your home. This movie-style movement can feel glamorous and exciting.

On the other hand, sliding glass doors make it easier to blend the inside and outside spaces of your home. These sleek doors function as you’d expect, with one pane sliding over another. If you prefer to go in and out leaving the door open, this style doesn’t require special propping, and you won’t have to worry about the door blowing open or shut. While different styles are available, many popular sliding patio door options are glass. This lets you bask in the natural light that flows into your home when you aren’t out on the patio. While the view can be great, some might worry about protecting their privacy.

With window treatments from SunBeam Window and Door Co, you can maximize the light that flows through your sliding glass doors while having the flexibility of maintaining your privacy. Luminette® Privacy Sheers offers the warmth and comfort of a fabric drape while also providing the flexibility and superior light control of other window treatment options. These sheers are made with a panel of sheer fabric that have vertical fabric vanes affixed to the back of the sheer. You can then open and close the sheers as they move along a horizontal track, or you can adjust and rotate the fabric vanes while the sheers are closed. This allows some light to filter and diffuse through the sheer fabric while still protecting your privacy.

So no matter what kind of patio door option you choose, you can access that perfect blend of accessibility, gorgeous views, and privacy with the help of SunBeam Window and Door Co. We are located in Pennsauken, NJ, and we are proud to serve the surrounding area including Philadelphia as well as Maple Shade and Cherry Hill, NJ.