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Ways to Enjoy the Summer Weather

Ways to Enjoy Warm Summer Weather near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ) with Light Controlling Window Treatments

Summer can bring a feeling of promise and excitement. After cold winter weather and time spent indoors, we are often ready to get out and experience the warming weather. However, that excitement can fade with the rising temperatures. We can still enjoy the warmer weather and summer sunshine while comfortable at home. With these ways to enjoy the summer weather from Sunbeam Window & Door Co, you can bask in the promise of summer from the comfort of your home.

At the start of summer, many of us are anxious for warm weather and bright days, but that tends to fade as the days become hotter. During those first several weeks, we might want to continue spending time indoors, but with the rights window treatments, you can enjoy the bright summer sunshine and views of summer blossoms. There are a variety of window covering styles, so your preferences for light control and privacy can dictate your choice.

First, roller shades offer simplicity and ease of use. These single panel window coverings raise to open and lower to close. With a wide array of fabric options, you can customize your shades to fit your interior design. For those that like clean lines and minimalism, Designer Roller Shades are a great option. The statement these shades make all depends on your fabric choice, so you control how bold or subtle they are. If you have a sunroom or patio, Designer Screen Shades can help protect your furniture from harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you prefer a little texture on your window treatments to add visual interest, the soft, traditional folds of Roman shades are elegant and stylish. Similarly, cellular or honeycomb shades have a similar visual texture due to the honeycomb construction. However, their construction also offers the added benefit of energy efficiency since the honeycomb structure creates pockets or cells that help trap air.

For additional light control, you can take advantage of blinds or modern window shadings. These window treatment styles offer the same functionality as shades in that you can raise and lower them as desired. However, you can also adjust the slats or fabric vanes to let light filter in between while still protecting your privacy.

With warm weather, you might be looking forward to time outdoors and maybe neighborhood or family gatherings. As summer turns into hotter and hotter days, you’ll still want to enjoy the warm weather before it fades, but the sun can become a bit intense at times, and you need a break from the excess heat. With retractable awnings from Sunbeam Window & Door Co, you can easily bask in the summer sunshine and then later relax under the shade for a break. Retractable awnings are available in a variety of styles to suit your unique design preferences, and they can be manual or electric.

With the right window treatments, you can take advantage of the natural light of summer. As you spend more time outdoors, a retractable awning can provide some relief from the intensifying sun of late summer. Contact Sunbeam Window & Door Co today to schedule your consultation. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, we serve Pennsauken Township and the surrounding area, including Philadelphia, Maple Shade, and Cherry Hill.