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Why You Need Motorized Window Treatments

From lazy days at home to days where we go from work to activity to chores, we like to be comfortable and enjoy many modern conveniences. In a world with plenty to do and a desire to live to the fullest, we take advantage of modern products that make life easier so that we can enjoy every minute we save. Often, these new products may not seem that important until we experience what they can do. Imagine the tasks required without a television remote. Having to walk to the TV to push a button or turn a dial doesn’t seem like that much work, but every quick trip adds up. Now, many of us wouldn’t want to have a television without a remote. The same concept applies to smart home devices that can control many things including lights. Flipping a switch is a minimal burden, but if there is an even better option, why not take advantage of it? At Sunbeam Window and Door, we carry the best products to make your design projects (and your life) easier.

Why You Need Motorized Window Treatments Near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ) like Silhouette with PowerView

Hunter Douglas provides high quality products with many custom options to make sure you can find exactly what you need to fit your style and preferences. Many of these window treatments are available with PowerView® Motorization, a new operating system to make your life easier. Recipient of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award to recognize innovation, this system lets you control your shades or other window coverings with the touch of a finger.

We know that everyone has their own preferences, so you have different options with PowerView® Motorization. First, you can control your shades using the Pebble® Control. This remote is a twist on the traditional, designed ergonomically for maximum comfort and control. You can preset up to six different groups of window treatments and control them individually or all at once just by pressing a button. Not only is the Pebble® Control a functional device, but it is also a design piece. The unique design is visually appealing, and you can choose from ten colors.

Thanks to the PowerView® Hub, all of your window treatments are centralized and connected to your WiFi network with your settings saved. This means you can voice activate your shades using Amazon Alexa, Siri on Apple devices, or the Google Assistant. Plus, you can have complete control over your window coverings with the PowerView® App. Using any updated Apple or Android mobile device, you can move your shades, save your favorite settings, and schedule your shades to automatically reposition themselves.

Using the PowerView® App, you can create rooms and assign your window treatments to them. Once you have done that, you can operate all similar-style shades in a room at once or individually. To schedule your shades, you can create a scene, set the position of the shades, and save it. Once these are created, you can use the scheduling feature to set a time for each scene, completely automating your window coverings if you wish.

Sunbeam Window & Door Company has been your choice for windows, window treatments, doors, and awnings in New Jersey and Philadelphia since 1946. Located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, our expert staff can walk you through your interior design projects, helping from selecting product to installing. Contact us today to schedule a free in-store or at-home consultation!