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Cottage Awnings
Cottage™ Awnings
Window awnings add a finishing touch to your home or office! Our window awnings can also bring much valued shade to your home, office or porch, substantially lowering air conditioning bills and protecting valuable furnishings and carpets from fading.
Window awnings from Aristocrat are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to complement your architecture. Our window awnings, porch awnings and door canopies offer the following features:
  • Maintenance Free
  • Operated from inside or out
  • Manual or electric
  • Proven energy savers
  • 10–year transferable Manufacturer’s Warranty
Fabulous fabrics! Unlike old fashioned canvas awnings, Aristocrat Window Awnings feature 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric from the world’s leading mills. Choose from hundreds of fabric patterns and colors to create a totally unique look for your window awnings. All Aristocrat Window Awning fabrics are backed with a guarantee against rot, mildew and variations in dimensional stability and color.
Our window awnings, door canopies and porch awnings are exclusively sewn with translucent GORE TENARA sewing thread. This thread is 100% expanded PTFE, one of the most chemically resistant substances known! It’s backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee to produce seams that last a lifetime.
Beautiful fabric door canopies in stationary or retractable styles add elegance to your entryway, while sheltering your and your guests from the weather!

These lovely drop arm awning ideally suited for bay and bow windows, large picture windows, and porches or balconies.
  • Ideal for covering the openings of covered patios and screened in porches
  • Custom manufactured in many sizes and projections
  • All white aluminum frames
  • Made with or without cassette
  • Operate manually or motorized from inside or out
  • Arm sizes range from 24 to 63 inches
  • Strong springs for easy operation
  • Available as a drop shade to completely cover the opening
  • An array of fabric choices to match your home or business
EKO Awning
EKO™ Awnings
Conserve energy with the EKO™ Aristocrat Awning-the newest addition to the product line. Aristocrat quality at an economy price. EKO awnings provide cool shade for your patio or deck. They help keep your house cool too.
Choose from a selection of handsome fabric patterns and colors-solids, stripes, tweeds-to create a totally unique look to accent your home. Pick from manual or motorized with without wireless remote system controls.
ALL ARISTOCRAT RETRACTABLE AWNINGS COME WITH A LIFETIME Limited Fully Transferable Manufacturers Warranty.
  1. Aristocrat Retractable Awnings are constructed from heavy duty aluminum extruded components and have a baked-on enamel and powder coated finish for no maintenance.
  2. Stainless steel fasteners are used and are covered with plastic caps for durability.
  3. Heavy duty elbows are used with dual cables wrapped in vinyl for durability when extending or retracting.
  4. Teflon®-coated bushings allow for smooth and quiet operation. Never needs painting or lubrication.
  5. Sewn with translucent Gore™ Tenara® sewing thread one of the most chemically resistant substances known! Seams are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the fabric.
Estate Awning
Estate™ Awnings
Our most popular patio awnings! Estate Patio Awnings have many options to cover your deck, patio or balcony with style and provide a high level of privacy.
  • The Vario-Valance, which is designed to be lowered from the front bar of Estate patio awnings, gives you additional shade and privacy.
  • Available with an optional over-ride motor in case of a power outage in your area.
  • Can be fitted with stabilizing poles – idea for breezy environments.
Retractable Canopy
Retractable Canopies
Retractable Canopies are versatile shading structures that retract manually, with a host of fabric choices that match your home decor to create a comfortable outdoor space! These unique structures can be installed free standing or mounted to a home, pool house or other outdoor structure.
Ideal to cover verandas, terraces, and roof gardens, retractable canopies can provide shade around your pool and provide the atmosphere you need for entertaining in all kinds of weather.
Many commercial applications! Perfect shelter for outdoor cafe and sidewalk seating. Units can be joined to cover large spaces.

Slim Fit Awning
Slim Fit™ Awnings
A retractable awning engineered with cross-over arms designed to fit into narrow spaces, and still provide full shade coverage. Slim Fit awnings come as narrow as 4’11” – ideal for balconies or to mount nest to bump-outs and chimneys.

Solar Shades
Solar Shade
Protect your home from the sun with Aristocrat’s motorized exterior solar shades that help you control the sun from the outside, providing privacy and shade.
The most efficient way to block the heat of the sun is from the outside-before it has a chance to heat the window glass! Solar shades can block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. They pay for themselves year after year in reduced energy costs and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading. Fabric is available in a variety of colors, weaves and styles.
Save on Utility Costs
Save on Utility Costs
Unlike blinds, drapes, sunscreens, and window films, the Craft–Bilt Retractable Awning blocks only the sun, not your view. It allows you continuous enjoyment of your beautiful outside surroundings. You can still let the cool breeze blow through your home while keeping the sun or light rain out.

Craft–Bilt Retractable Awnings give you total control of the vertical glass areas under them and room brightness of the space behind them. On cloudy days your Craft–Bilt can be easily retracted giving you a much brighter and cheerier living environment. Permanent awnings, sunscreens, window tinting films, screen rooms or other permanent structures can create dark, gloomy rooms.

Constant and direct summer exposure to ultra–violet rays damages and fades your valuable furnishings including carpets, drapes and some plants. The Craft–Bilt Retractable Awning easily blocks the sun and protects your furnishings from the damaging effects of ultra–violet rays.

In the hot summer months you can extend your awning and block the sun before it ever hits your window. Your room will be cooler and air conditioning costs will be dramatically less. In the cold winter months you can retract your awning to let the sun naturally help heat your home and save on heating costs. In snowy and stormy climates, retractable awnings eliminate the need for expensive fabric take–down and reinstallation costs, which is necessary for permanent or welded frame awnings.
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