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Finally, Energy Efficiency as Beautiful Decor: Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Delaware Valley households like yours and ours know that it’s tough keeping heating and air conditioning costs under control. You lose up to HALF your home’s heat through your windows! That’s why as an official Hunter Douglas dealer, Sunbeam Window & Door Co. knows the proper window treatments for your dwelling are more than a matter of design taste. For that reason we are proud to offer you an energy-saving solution in this maker’s ingeniously designed cellular honeycomb shades. So named because a cross section shows a hexagonal pattern as seen in beehives, cellular honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas employ the air in the shades as a kind of insulation, retaining heat when it’s cold and vice versa.

The Basics: Duette® Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The basic Hunter Douglas cellular honeycomb shades are Duette®, which the company put on the market in the ‘80s. Of course since then they have improved through advances in design so you and yours will be in an ideal temperature-controlled room even if you have big windows. Duette® shades are available in many cell (honeycomb section) sizes and orientations. Has your home got sliding glass doors? No problem! You too can keep warm in the dead of winter thanks to Hunter Douglas’ Vertiglide™ system, also a boon for privacy. These shades are not only practical. For design flair you can mix it up with the Duolite® scheme of different colors in one shade.

Innovative Engineering: Duette® Architella® Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Over the decades Hunter Douglas, the leader in window treatments, has stepped up its game. Not satisfied with merely inventing cellular honeycomb shades, the company increased their energy-saving properties by putting one honeycomb cell within another: double insulation! The results is the renowned Duette® Architella®. This version also affords you a vast palette of colors, textures, and opacity. Engineering for the home has rarely been this appealing!

More Color and Texture Choices: Alustra® Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Need still more color and texture choices to give your room a designer’s touch as well as a break on your bills? Hunter Douglas presents you with the Alustra® Collection, a series of cellular honeycomb shades with more artistic options, curated with the professional designer in mind but now available for you!

Now’s the time to get started on BIG savings in your energy bills. Visit our Pennsauken, NJ store soon!