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Our Favorite Kitchen Window Shades

For many New Jersey families, the kitchen is the heart of their home, a gathering place for family or friends, and the scene of countless meals prepared and shared with loved ones. Outfitting your kitchen to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes is an investment in the importance of this room in the home and its role in your daily life and on special occasions. Set your kitchen up for years of memory-making events (both large and small) by reinvigorating the space with new kitchen window shades. And to be sure you find a style that meets your lifestyle needs, our experts have compiled a list with options from classic shutters to energy-saving awnings to easy-to-clean window treatments to help you bring your home's heart to life.

Hunter Douglas Everwood® Faux Wood Blinds in a kitchen with a bowl of lemons near Pennsauken, NJ

Our Favorite Kitchen Window Shades

1. Shutters

Sophisticated and easy to keep clean, plantation-style shutters embody exactly what homeowners want from their kitchen window shades – a treatment with low maintenance but high style. The tilting louvers grant these kitchen window shades the unique ability to provide light control, privacy, and natural ventilation all at once, which can be especially useful in the kitchen, where cooking or family gatherings can happen any time of day.

2. Cellular Shades

In the kitchen, like in every room of the home, cellular shades offer energy efficiency through elevated insulation. Kitchen windows are just as guilty as bedroom or living room windows when it comes to allowing the unwanted energy transfer between your home's controlled interior environment and the chaos of the greater outside world.

3. Roller Shades

Chic, stylish, and streamlined, it's no wonder roller shades are popular in the kitchen with a sleek profile that seamlessly fits into the background of a busy room like the kitchen. Extensive color and pattern choices in the Hunter Douglas fabric collections allow homeowners to customize the look of these kitchen window shades to match their home's existing aesthetic or create something entirely new.

4. Blinds

The quality selection of blinds from Hunter Douglas includes both vertical and horizontal treatments for door coverings or kitchen window shades and design flexibility to suit any number of kitchen layouts. Additionally, the hard vanes of blinds are easy to wipe, clean, or open up to respond to kitchen activities' often messy or odorous nature.

5. Awnings

When interior kitchen window shades aren't an option or for homeowners looking to maximize their home's light control abilities, custom awnings offer an exterior layer of control. By preventing sunlight from striking the window, awnings prevent any unwanted transfer of solar heat or UV rays from natural sunlight to the structure, thus protecting homes without taking up any inside real estate.

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Reinvigorate your kitchen with new window treatments from Hunter Douglas. Explore your options with the team at SunBeam Window & Door Co. to find the treatment style that is ideal for your household aesthetic and kitchen needs. Whether you like the sophisticated look of shutters, the efficiency of cellular shades, the chicness of roller shades, the versatility of blinds, or the elevated protection of custom awnings, you'll find a plethora of choices for kitchen window shades at SunBeam Window & Door Co. located near Pennsauken, NJ. SunBeam Window & Door Co. serves the communities of Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, and Pennsauken in New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. Request a consultation now to discuss new kitchen window shades for your home.