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Room-Darkening Shades for Homes

As autumn makes itself at home, you might try to get as much natural sunlight as possible. However, there are some instances where bright light—both natural and artificial—is unwanted. Whether you’re trying to watch a movie Friday night with family or want to get a little extra shut-eye Sunday morning, there are many times when blocking outside light is needed. That is where room-darkening shades come to the rescue.

Room Darkening Shades, Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels near Pennsauken, New Jersey (NJ)

Room-Darkening Shades

Room-darkening shades are often categorized as either soft treatments or multi-tiered treatments. The best option for your home will depend on your light-blocking and aesthetic needs.

  • Soft Treatments: When using fabric-based treatments for room-darkening shades, fabric choice and liner options become the key elements in creating blackout interiors. Thicker fabrics and darker colors block and absorb sunlight more effectively than sheer or light fabrics, but a good blackout liner can turn many types of ethereal feeling treatments into incredibly effective room-darkening shades. Side panels are also a great option for creating multi-layered window fashions with enhanced light-blocking capabilities. Their strategic placement framing a window helps to block light gaps or leaks around the edges of the base window treatment.
  • Multi-Tiered Treatments: When it comes to blocking light, multi-layered room-darkening treatments perform better than each covering on its own thanks to the cooperative power of tandem use. Take that efficiency one step further with exterior light-blocking treatments like window awnings. Every layer filters out more and more sunlight for a comprehensively darker interior.

Operating Systems for Better Room Darkening

If you want to take room darkening to the next level, consider one of these available systems:

  • Duolite® : This innovative operating system from Hunter Douglas utilizes two shades on a singular roller head. One shade is light filtering and the other is a room-darkening shade.  By working together, they can cover the complete spectrum of lighting needs. Duolite® is compatible with several different styles of window shades. These include honeycomb shades, Roman shades, and roller shades.
  • LightLock™: For Duette® Honeycomb Shades, the LightLock™ system features a two-layered defense to keep sunlight out. A U-shaped side channel that overlaps the front and back of the shades, plus an innovative side channel design featuring rows of micro-ridges, absorb and/or deflect unparalleled levels of incoming natural sunlight.
  • de-Light™: Specifically designed for a lighting challenge particular to blinds, the de-Light™ system minimizes light gaps by eliminating cord holes thus allowing less light to pass through these hard-based room-darkening shades.

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