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Top Three Living Room Design Tips

What do you do in your living room? Watch TV with family in the evening after a long day of work? Catch up with friends over coffee on the couch Sunday morning? Curl up with a good book next to a fire on a snowy winter day? The living room hosts so many moments of our lives, which is why it is important to create an environment conducive to your lifestyle. Our top three living room design tips are here to help get you started!

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Tip 1: Utilize Light to Maximize Space

First on our list of living room design tips is harnessing natural lighting. Light, both natural and artificial, can transform a space, and professional interior designers often look at light as a design tool that brings style to life. Bright interior spaces feel more roomy than darker ones, and so by harnessing natural sunlight you can create living room spaces that feel more open and inviting. Daylighting is intentionally bringing additional natural sunlight into a home by installing more windows with the end goals being elevated aesthetics and reduced energy use. New home windows can include skylights, custom doors with glass in-sets, and new windows strategically placed throughout the house.

Once the new home windows are in, they’ll need coverings. Blinds are excellent light control devices because they can handle direct sunlight. With tilting vanes as well as the ability to raise or lower the entire treatment, blinds can respond to a wide variety of lighting needs while at the same time still providing residents with privacy and allowing for natural air flow. This incredible range of control gives living room blinds the flexibility to create all the lighting patterns required in a multi-purpose room like the living room.

Tip 2: Consider the Importance of Transitional Zones

Next up on our list of living room design tips is utilizing transitional zones. Don’t underestimate how important a first impression is or how lasting its impact can be. For different home rooms, the first impression of the space comes as guests enter the transitional zone of that room, i.e., the doorway that leads in. The type of door, how it opens, how it allows or blocks the easy entrance into a space—it all creates the first impression for a room, and choosing custom doors that harmonize with your home’s existing aesthetic will elevate the style rather than distract from it.

Tip 3: Customize Décor to Elevate Comfort

Spaces designed with residents in mind can, ultimately, feel more welcoming, more comfortable for homeowners. Who doesn’t enjoy having things catered to their specific needs and likes as opposed to impersonal, mass-produced items aimed at pleasing large groups of consumers? So, when getting new home windows, custom doors, or window treatments, take your time finding customizable upgrades that will help the new elements integrate more naturally into your home.

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