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Choosing Window Treatments for Your Dining Room

Where do you start when looking for new dining room window treatments near Pennsauken Township, New Jersey? If you ask our team at SunBeam Windows & Door Co., it's actually in your own home, not our store! If that seems unexpected to you, then come along as we walk through our recommendations for the first 3 steps homeowners should take when getting new Hunter Douglas dining room window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Heritance® Wood Shutters in a dining room near Pennsauken Township, New Jersey (NJ)

3 Steps for Choosing Dining Room Window Treatments

Below are three steps for choosing your dining room window treatments:

Define the style of your dining room

Window treatments will either enhance your dining room’s existing aesthetic helping to uplift the space or, if poorly styled, window treatments can also pull down the interior aesthetic of a room and act as a light-controlling eyesore in the space. To avoid clashing styles, it’s important that you start the shopping process for new dining room window treatments with a firm understanding of your home’s existing decor style and your personal taste preferences.

Start by taking inventory of your dining room style. Does it have a traditional style with heavier materials and lots of detailing? If so, traditional plantation shutters may be a good option. Or your dining room has a more modern feel with sleek lines and light materials, in which case sheer shades may suit the room better. The shopping process will be noticeably smoother and quicker if you start with a solid understanding of the aesthetic style you’re looking for.

Account for household needs in the dining room

Just like you want to take into account the style of the room your new shades are going into, you also want to make sure you’re attending to any functional needs in the space. While dining rooms all share a common purpose of providing a space to eat meals together, their design and construction may necessitate different attributes in a window treatment.

For example, do your dining room windows face west, and the setting sun causes a blinding glare when you try to sit down for dinner? In that case, room-darkening shades like Duolite® Vignette® Modern Roman Shades would serve the very needed purpose of light control. Or perhaps the New Jersey winters are sneaking in through your dining room windows, making the space cold and unwelcoming during mealtimes. In that case, insulating shades like Duette® Cellular Shades might be the ticket because they can block that unwanted energy exchange and help keep internal temperatures more consistent and comfortable.

Ask questions

Unless you work in the window treatment industry, you’re not always going to be in the loop when it comes to the latest upgrades for dining room shades. Asking questions is the key to getting the exact type of treatment you want for your dining room. Ask questions of yourself about style preferences and the functional needs of a space before your design consultation, and ask questions of your design consultant about the newest styles of the dining room window treatments and upgrades available during the meeting.

Like did you know that Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl Shutters are available with PowerView® Automation for motorized shutters? Or that ClearView® sheers are now available on Hunter Douglas cellular shades for insulating shades with a clear view out, giving homeowners protection from the elements without making a room feel closed off from those natural elements.

Dining Room Window Treatments near Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

Our team at SunBeam Window & Door Co. is ready to help you find the perfect style of Hunter Douglas dining room window shades for your New Jersey home. Request a consultation today to discuss the options for blinds, shutters, Roman shades, or drapery for your dining room. SunBeam Window & Door Co. is located near Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, and serves the surrounding areas of Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, and the greater Pennsauken Township, New Jersey.